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Veterinary Consultations @ GlenoVets

Consultations and Free Health Checks

Consultations are carried out at all three branches. Some conditions may require more than one consultation to get to the bottom of a problem. Minor or uncomplicated conditions can be sorted out with simple treatment, but some conditions may need to be seen more frequently to allow further investigations to obtain a diagnosis.

It is important that you provide us with as much information as possible to aid in the diagnosis.

We are happy to offer all NEW customers a FREE health check for their pet.

This helps us get to know you and your new pet as well as giving our Veterinary Surgeons and qualified Nurses the chance to offer any advice on possible treatments.

Farm Animal Management

At Gleno Vets we pride ourselves on a first class and value for money service for our farm clients. We treat all farm animals and promote preventive medicine to help our clients have a profitable business. We have various tools to assist in this respect, one of which is a computer programme called FarmImpress.

This software has the ability to store  farm management data – from lab results to fertility records and animal production data – thereby making it simpler for us to analyse problems and give the best advice. Clients who use this system can have a private log in and access their own data. Just ring us for details and we can set you up.


We recommend regular vaccination, worming and flea treatment. We can provide an easy payment plan for routine treatments such as these if you become a member of our healthy pet club.

Neutering @ Glenovets


We would encourage you to have your animals neutered as soon as possible, not only for convenience, but also to provide health benefits. Please ring us if you would like to discuss these.

Emergency @ Glenovets

24 Hour Emergency

In the event of an emergency, we provide a 24 hour service. There is an increased charge for this service as a vet must make a special visit to the surgery to see you outside normal hours.

Services+ – Pet Food – Accessories – Pet Insurance

We have in stock a full range of pet accessories and food, including special diets. We can provide you with advice on pet insurance, which gives you piece of mind should your pet become ill or have an accident.